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Foresight is an online crowdsourcing research platform for in-depth financial analysis by talented analysts & writers.

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Simon Waslander

Simon is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Foresight Investor. He has been following the markets passionately for over 7 years.



Ivo Furda

Main interests of Furda are macro­economic developments and trends.


Gelein Huiskes

Gelein has been interested in the financial world and global economics since high school. For over 3 years he has been a member of a university investment team, of which one year he was the treasurer.


Karsten Niemeijer

Karsten is currently studying finance and is a member of Risk. He organised the Risk Finance Symposium and invests on his own account. He specializes in equities, technology and emerging markets.

Jauke de Jong

Jauke is always looking for the hidden gems of the financial markets.


Sybren Dijkstra

Since 2010, after his first trip to Wall Street, Sybren has been following the financial markets with great passion. Sybren is the current chairman of the board of the Risk Investment Team.


Hein-Willem Blokland

Hein-Willem Blokland is an Msc. Graduate in International Business and Marketing. He has a specific interest for clean-tech and entrepreneurship and has been investing in his spare time for 10+ years. At Foresight he aims to provide valuable insights on clean-tech related topics.


Jan Jongsma

As a Msc student Finance and member of the Risk Investment Team, Jan follows the financial markets on a daily basis.

Tjard de Wolf

Tjard looks at the markets from a long-term, rather fundamental, point of view.

Allen Li

Allen is currently a master’s student in financial economics at Western University. He is passionate about the financial markets with particular focuses on US and Canada.


Lammertjan Dam

Lammertjan Dam, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Finance at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. He has published in various peer-reviewed journals.


Bart Reidsma

Bart is our behavioral finance expert. He beliefs that investing starts with knowing yourself and your surrounding.


Vasileios Mitsis

Currently, he is expecting to finish his Master degree with cum laude distinction.


Sjors van Deijk

Patterns and trade in primary goods do fascinate Sjors. Currently Sjors is doing an internship at the SIP Icestar Desk at ABN AMRO.



Anne Kooistra

Anne has always been interested in language and is currently studying English Language and Culture at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.


Pandora den Oudsten

Pandora became fascinated by the English language at a young age. She did English bilingual education at Cals College Nieuwegein and earned her FCE certificate (2007) and her IB diploma (2010).


Emmie Touwen

Emmie has always been interested in making a text sound as nice as possible and has worked on translating projects in the past. She is currently following an MA in Writing, Editing and Mediating at the University of Groningen.



Thom van Kalkeren

As chief technological officer, Thom is responsible for the development of the online platform and the maintenance of the used technology.


Joep Meindertsma

Joep is the designer & marketeer of Foresight. He loves creating new things and solving problems. He’s responsible for the visuals and the user experience of Foresight.



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