Become a writer!

Foresight seeks talented writers. Articles within our publishing scope should be related to financial markets or investment trends.

As an overall target group we focus on Bsc./Msc. University students with a financial background and/or people who are seriously contemplating a career within the financial services industry.

High financial literacy and sufficient writing skills are required. We only publish the highest quality insights on our platform.

Unlike other platforms, we also provide all our contributors with an online learning environment as to further hone their analytical and market research skills.

What it meant to others?

Through Foresight I learned to read top-notch market research, which not only improved my writing skills but also my overall understanding of global capital markets. Alt text Karsten Niemeijer , student

Joining Foresight Investor has been a great experience for me. It becomes a platform for me to apply the knowledge learned in school to current events that I care for. Not only will you contribute, but also the mentorships, research processes, and rigorous analysis of information are very rewarding and I highly recommend Foresight Investor to other students who are looking to apply their finance and economic knowledge in a tangible way. Alt text Allen Li , Financial Engineer Intern at Allianz Global Investors

Foresight Investor is a great platform for anybody that is interested in financial markets. It offers an interesting mix of theoretical insights and investor pragmatism, on various levels of expertise. Many articles are great examples for my students to see how textbook knowledge can be used in interpreting what is going on in the real world. Alt text Dr. L. Dam , Associate Professor of Finance, University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

Being a Foresight analyst has given me the chance to actively pursue a great combination of my strong interests: innovation, clean-tech and finance. It is a rewarding position to me because my insights are spread to whomever finds them interesting, and at the same time because Foresight provides me a stepping stone for future career steps. Alt text Hein-Willem Blokland , intern at Steward Redqueen

Feel free to send us an email, if you think you meet these criteria.